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Last Time In the Heat of the Moment
Things are Heating Up!

-Our adventurers found themselves in a deep underground system of tunnels that seemed to be created by lava flow over time. But how could this be?! They had just been in Lord Dragdurach’s Tower.
-Everything had been strange since they entered. As they moved forward, the party was reunited.
-Oris seemed to be at two places at once, but soon became a single blue dude.
-Finally, they came upon a scene from the past, and the final mystery of just who Dragdurach is will soon be revealed! Is Dragdurach really a dragon?
-The party confronts Dragdurach who gives them one hell of a fight. With his chain whip and flaming gauntlets, he manages to weaken the party. He also brought back some old friends to help him fight. Why did each character fight who they fought?
-As Dragdurach falls, he unleashes a mighty blast of energy which only Curavar can block. He is seemingly destroyed in the process!
-But from the ashes of the fallen Dragdurach, a mighty red dragon appears! Can they defeat it?!?

That’s right, its dnd Japanese style because I’m tired. Hopefully this gets the memory going!


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